AdWords Location Display Ad Format Now Available

A new AdWords Display ad format template has left beta, and it's designed to make location extension ads easier to use in Display campaigns.

AdWords Location Format

This is another of Google's many pushes to expand location-based ads into Display campaigns.  AdWords users have been getting notices that location extensions could be automatically applied to their display campaigns for several weeks. Google has also been generating call extensions mobile banners based on responsive and general purpose ad content.

Notice of Auto Location Extensions

Both Sears and Walmart were among the companies testing this new ad format.

The new format is available for AdWords Display Ads gallery within General Purpose ads.  You can modify the color, logo, and text of Location extension format ads, which will appear in 320×480, 336×280,300×250, and 320×50 layouts.  All that is required is adding location extensions to your Display campaign.  Google will use rules similar to regular location extensions, which would allow national chains to easily create "localized" ads.  The Sears ads here in Austin seem to target me fairly accurately depending on with outlet I was closer to.

Location-based Display Ads

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AdWords users may have noticed growing count of location-based ads in their click-type report.  I've had access to multiple accounts using this new Location extension format. To be honest, results are not impressive.  But a few remarketing campaigns have actually done fairly well in generating calls.  I'm certainly going to try some of these ads in my remarketing mix.

In the campaign below, the results include Google-generated phone display extension ads as well as location extension ads.

display campaign example

Are you going to try them out?  Have you reviewed any of the display-related clicks in your display campaigns?


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