Google Local SEO

Checking Local Search Ranking Without Driving Around Town

Local search results can make a huge difference in customer traffic for small businesses.  Google has kept a lot of ranking factors secret — and local SEO experts spend a lot of time trying to crack the code. Darren Shaw in Moz observes: Proximity to searcher is the new #1 ranking factor in local search…

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Are You Using The Wrong Google Local Business Term?

Google’s Local Business offerings have been retooled and relaunched every few years. I often come across misused Google Business terms on forums and in blogs. Often, the problem is outdated product names. Search experts use the same slang phrases for different Google products. I thought collecting the current, standard terminology might help. I’ve provided links…

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Why I Use Google Display Opt-Out ~ Should You?

Recently, I’ve been working with Google My Business photos and and external website content.  When you fail to feed Google the images it wants, Google will scour the web.  Images can come from a variety of websites, including your own. As I was researching workarounds, I came across this holdover from the Google Local days:   “Opt-Out…

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