Google Continues Testing Visual Sitelinks

Came across several examples tonight of Google AdWords Visual Sitelinks. This ad format has been tested multiple times in the past few years. The most recent Google Visual Sitelink tests were posted in Search Engine Land in November.

Ad Preview and Diagnosis Visual Sitelinks Screen Capture

AdWords Visual Sitelinks

These extensions appear as a swipe-able carousel of images with links and text.  This particular screen shot appeared for dog boarding related searches in Manhattan.   Interestingly, they showed up on the iPhone, but not on Android.  I happened to be testing ads for mobile on Google’s Ad Preview Tool, and was surprised to see the images appearing with the top-position ad.

Confirmed the ad appearance with an iPhone – and these ads continued to appear for this advertiser in Manhattan for several location-based searches.

The photos for the sitelinks appear to be standard stock images, so I’m not sure how much thought went into this particular campaign. Identical searches for dog boarding keywords in other major cities returned this advertiser’s standard ad set without the visual sitelinks.

See if any of these sitelinks show up when you test.


Ad Preview and Diagnosis Visual Sitelinks Screen Capture

Visual Sitelinks in the Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool



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