Facebook Testing Star Ratings in Ads

Several Facebook advertisers are receiving notices for a new beta for Facebook ads:

Facebook Star Opt out

Dear Phil,

We are pleased to announce that your page TEST has been chosen to participate in an upcoming beta test for business ratings in ads. We are testing to determine if showing business ratings increases conversions from ads.

From April 24 to June 24, 2017, star ratings from TEST reviews and ratings section will appear below your business’s name in a small percentage of your ads appearing in Newsfeed. Star ratings will only appear when the average star rating is 4 stars or higher and when there are at least 5 reviews.

If you are not interested in participating, you can opt out in your Page Settings.

You can manage your participation in this beta test at any time by editing the “Star Rating Experiment” setting. The setting is only available on the Facebook desktop website; it is not available on Facebook mobile applications.

Thank you for your business with Facebook.
Facebook Business

Will Facebook start taking reviews more seriously? And will we also be seeing third-party review ratings as well?

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